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Canonazo Tasting Notes

The love of that sweet goodness that comes from aged Cohiba/Por Larranaga is almost universal. We wanted that element in our Canonazo without the need to age beyond the 30-day humidor acclimatisation period. 

How close did we get?

Honey opening. Under Medium. Aroma of coffee beans, toasted tobacco, molasses.

The cigar strolls slowly through the first third and builds intensity. The second third is all bakery/croissant and espresso with a dash of cream.  In the last third, a little bit of magic comes into play. Bread and butter pud, almonds and leather all come together. 

The Canonazo is now  medium bodied while occasionally poking its head above into the medium-full bodied range.

We love this cigar. The tobacco is all 4+ years of age. Please ensure you rest your cigars the 30 days as you will notice a large difference in the smoking experience.

Ageing potential? We already have the honey. I suspect 18 months and this cigar will bat well and truly over 93 points most times. 

At $11.96 a stick, that is a cigar that I want in my humidor.

Cañonazo Amante VI 2023

Made By: HBTOV
Factory Location: Honduras
Dimensions: 6 X 52
Filler: Honduras / Nicaragua
Binder: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Strength: Medium