Brand of Brothers

Hermanos Rob Ayala & Hamlet Paredes bring you Puro Desnudo - or Nudes - a brand designed to strip bare all the nonsense and simply produce outstanding cigars at reasonable prices.

What's more, all Puro Desnudo cigars are inspired by the formats, blends, and experiences that Rob & Hamlet love the most.

We all know there are no guarantees in life, but if there ever was a recipe for success, Puro Desnudo is it!

Imagine a cigar world with “No Box, No Bands, No Bullshit”.


Of the People. By the People. For the People.

The MOFOH brand is our enthusiast mandated range. It's a cigar range that offers our community the chance to take back the reins and regain maximum enjoyment and value from the passion we all share.

More than just lip service, we actively involve our FOH forum members in the tasting, blending, and refining of these cigars.

Long live the Enthusiast Revolution!

In a very real sense, this line is a "take no prisoners" MOFOH!