5-Pack MOFOH Robusto Trinity

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We had 15 blends for the MOFOH Trinity Robusto but it was one of the final blends that was chosen by our FOH tasting panel as well as Hamlet. We made a few tweaks to the final blend to make it richer, sooner in the cigars evolution and that one tweak has paid immense dividends. 

Imagine an Upmann Connoisseur Number 1 meets an El Rey el Mundo Choix Supreme meets Trinidad Media Luna. 

You have elegance and poise at the beginning transitioning gradually to a flavour bomb of fresh baked bread, citrus, coffee, honey/raisins.  It will start light medium and build throughout to a point just over medium. Never harsh, great mouthfeel and palate weight all carried off with elegance and aplomb at a price point that cannot be matched. 



MOFOH Robusto Trinity

Made By: Fabrica5OV
Factory Location: Honduras
Dimensions: 5 x 50 
Filler: Honduras / Nicaragua
Binder: Honduras
Wrapper : Honduras
Strength: Medium