5-Pack Puro Desnudo N7 Ninfa

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The Punch Ninfas was one of my all time favourite cigars.  It was a 178mm (7 inch) x 33 ring gauge hand rolled masterpiece discontinued in 2002. My last cabinet of 50 has long gone and the project was conceived back in January of 2023 for Hamlet Paredes and I to develop the ultimate Ninfas style cigar.  We put the concept cigar into the hands of our Friends of Habanos tasting panel just after mid year.  It is fair to say that all were blown away but they can speak for themselves. 

Mid bodied and rich. There is a purveying raisin/fruity sweetness that melds well with other nuances of tart cooking chocolate, sourdough, peanut and just a touch of spice on the retrohale.  The cigar builds progressively but never loses it’s composure. The aroma is indeed something special and reflects the flavour profile. 

Only two sets of rollers/bunchers from our Fabrica 5 team are permitted to roll the Ninfas. They have been hand picked as the best of the best from our high performance Fabrica 5 unit. The construction quality reflects this. 

The blend is 100% Honduran and includes a special leaf that has enthralled us but until now we were at a loss as to how best to use. We found the right cigar for it to shine.

Smoke them slowly. Let them lilt along. Take note of the glorious aroma and interplay of flavours. We hope that they become a favourite for you as they are with us. 


Made By: Fab05OV
Factory Location: Honduras
Dimensions: 7 X 33
Filler: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Strength: Medium

Smoke Time:  70  minutes +